Great Big Theatre Company Day Camps (Age 3 to 5)

About the GBTC Summer Theatre Camps For Ages 3 to 5

GBTC camps are developed to nurture an environment of respect, kindness, compassion and intelligent behavior.

Each GBTC camp setting enables the young campers to play in a safe environment while developing physical, social and personal skills. Through positive encouragement, compassion, fun and patience, we work with the child in creating pleasant experiences and memories that serve to build confidence and ability.

Every day each child is welcomed to the camp by a friendly and caring staff member who will guide them through the day with a clear and well defined manner of communication.

There is plenty of outside play time along with scheduled indoor activities alternating with rest periods during the day, to balance active engagement as well as rest and well-being.

All activities as well as lunch and snack periods are organized, to ensure that each child feels secure, included and positively engaged within the camp group.

A Program Customized for Younger Age Groups

Our young campers, ages 3-5 years will enjoy storytelling and creative role play. Fun movement games and activities spark a spacial awareness in the young child enabling the child to interact physically with peers in a positive and effective manner.

The art of puppetry introduces a valuable element of role-play and character development facilitating empathy and understanding of others.

Music plays a part of the camp day, whereby a sense of tone, melody and rhythm is introduced to the young child through songs, rhythmic games and exercises.

Great Big Theatre Company acknowledges that each child has particular artistic potential, talents and tendencies; and so participation in a varied assortment of visual arts is encouraged.

Camp Activities

Children love to sing, dance, pretend and engage in all kinds of artworks.

They thrive in an atmosphere of love and positive attention. Fun and personal satisfaction, as well as a sense of social responsibility are of utmost importance experienced by a child through these activities.

Short folk-tales, stories, plays, songs and games, along with a diverse set of art supplies, are tools that we use at Great Big Theatre Camps. Each child is encouraged to express ideas, emotions and physical play in a creative, safe and secure manner, thus enabling imaginations to soar!