Great Big Theatre Company Day Camp Third Week Free

Summer 2017 Camps: Third Week Free

Love theatre camp ? We've added a special plan this year that allows you to add a FREE week of camp this summer, on us !

How it works: if you register for two weeks of camp for the same camper, you can add a THIRD week for that camper at no cost.

Here’s the details:

If you have already registered a camper for two weeks of summer camp: Go in and add a third week --- any week from the list below – pay with your credit card online, and we will refund the full cost.

If you have registered a camper for one week of camp: Register for two additional weeks for the same camper and pay for only one of them – so long as one of the weeks is selected from the list below.

If you have not yet registered, but plan on registering: Select any two weeks for a camper, and then select a third FREE week for them, so long as it is one of the camps on the list below.

If you have already registered for three weeks for the same camper: let us know and we will refund one of them, so long as it is one of the weeks on the list below.

Any additional weeks beyond the third, for the same camper: These are 50 % off, provided they are from the list of eligible weeks.

As they say: some conditions apply ... so here’s the fine print:

Valid only for 6-to-14-year-old camps. Extended hours are not included. 3-to-5-year-old camps, March Break camps and camps registered for under the Low-Income option are not included as valid qualifying weeks.

Our online system will require payment at checkout for all weeks; GBTC will refund eligible free weeks separately, to your credit card, once the registration is received.

We are not able to accommodate requests to transfer out of camp weeks for which your children are already registered, to replacement weeks, in order to be eligible for this offer.

We are not able to accommodate transfers out of camps registered for at no cost under this offer and into other camps, unless either (a) the transfer is made to another eligible camp on the list, or (b) payment is made for the replacement camp.

Weeks included in eligibility for this offer are those for which the same camper is registered; registration of two siblings (for example) for a single camp week does not provide eligibility for a free camp week.

Where a parent request cancellation of a week that has been included in calculating the eligibility of a camper for a free or 50 % off week, and cancellation of the week would affect eligibility for this offer, then payment will be transferred to the free or 50 % off week first, before any refund or credit is issued.

In the (unlikely) event that a camp week needs to be cancelled due to insufficient registrations: where a camper is registered for that camp and also for a free or 50 % off camp for which they have become eligible through registering for the cancelled week, the amount for the cancelled week will be transferred first as payment for the additional week, before any refund or credit is issued.

Hope that’s all clear ! Let us know if you have questions. You can e-mail us at, call us (toll-free) at 1 866 864 4282, or message us on Facebook !

Here is the list of eligible camp weeks:

Tip: When registering online, use the search icon at the top of the screen or the "Filter By" column on the left to select the locations, weeks and camper age groups in which you are interested.

Tip: To find programs in your area, use the "Filter By" option (at the top of the column on the left of your screen), click on the down-arrow beside "All locations", and then select "Ontario". This will show a list of programs sorted alphabetically by city name. Note that programs in Toronto, Hamilton, Mississauga, Vaughan and Cambridge will appear under those city names rather than under the regions within them (e. g. you will find North York under Toronto / North York, and Woodbridge under Vaughan / Woodbridge).

The low-income option is available only through the online registration system, using Visa or Mastercard (credit or debit cards). Registration is safe and easy, using our secure encrypted server, and you will receive your confirmation and receipt immediately via e-mail.

Camps for which low-income registration is available are shown below; this list is subject to change dependent on our current space availability.

2017 Schedules & Locations: Third Week Free

Click on the city names below to view programs for each location