GBTC T.I.E.S / Theatre In Every School

GBTC's Artists/Theatre in Every School(TIES)

Arts & Theatre Workshops in the Classroom

For all Primary / Elementary / Middle schools - Grades K-8 September to June

TIES (Theatre in Every School) is an in-school drama and arts program developed by GBTC to promote the creativity of students at the primary and middle school levels while developing student cooperation, as well as art and literacy skills. The program emphasize the creative, imaginative and expressive approach to the arts experience, and is centered around the primacy of the creative process and its development and stimulation.

Our arts and theatre workshops provide opportunities for your students to enjoy a visit with working artists who will guide them through the process of creating an artistic expression through visual arts, performing arts and linguistic arts.

GBTC brings workshops into schools in 20 school boards across the GTA and Southwestern Ontario. We have customized our programs to accommodate the many and varied needs of both staff and students.

Please check our Selector to find the workshop program that will best suit the needs of your classes.

Through our programs, we will help your students to:

  • Build character skills
  • Collaboratively explore the four art strands
  • Implement creative and analytical processes
  • Apply knowledge, thinking and communication skills
  • Design and create diverse and inspired artworks

TIES programs incorporate diversity, embrace a wide range of learning styles, and can easily be linked into the Ontario curriculum.

TIES Workshops

GBTC TIES Workshops are $40. per class per hour (*exceptions may apply). There is a 2 hour minimum time per school per visit (unless otherwise indicated).

There will be one coach for each of the following workshops. Additional coaches will be added for combined workshops of 3 or more classes. Fee will be negotiated accordingly. For any workshop series, note that the final date booked is the rehearsal & performance date.

No. Title Description Workshop Time Grade Level
1 ACTIVITY DAY WORKSHOPS: DRAMAWORKS An exploration of dramatic forms including reader's theatre, dramatic ensemble, dance choreography, stage combat, improvisation, juggling and mime. Students rotate through multiple activity stations, participating at each for 30 to 60 minutes. GBTC will provide between 4 and 7 coaches for the day. (* Limited bookings available *) 4 to 5 hrs per day Grades 4 to 8
2 ACTING UP ! An introduction to the art of theatre using skill-building exercises to develop dramatic expression. With the accompaniment of fun-to-do exercises and simple scripted material, this workshop explores basic elements of acting including tableaux, character development, voice, emotional response, stage direction, blocking, ensemble and more. 1 to 2 hrs Grades K to 8
3 THE JOY OF THEATRE / CLASS CREATIONS The students, facilitated by GBTC coaches, will create, script and perform a Class Play. Students are encouraged to expand their imaginations through Creative Story Writing, Playwriting and reading, all the while becoming familiar with Stage Terminology as well as developing a vocally and physically effective Stage Presence. 8 to 12 one-hour workshops Grades 4 to 8
4 STORYTELLING & MASK-MAKING Students will enjoy exploring, creating and wearing adapted styles of aboriginal 'transformation' masks while acting out classic myths and folktales. 2 to 4 hours Grades K to 8
5 MUSICAL THEATRE / DANCE CHOREOGRAPHY Students design and perform a movement choreography based on Broadway and current dance styles 1 to 2 hours Grades 4 to 8

The TIES Program is designed to follow the guidelines of the Drama & Linguistic Arts component of the Ontario Curriculum.

All GBTC coaches have an education and/ or performing arts background with extensive experience teaching children and youth.

All activities are presented in a manner designed to promote teamwork, leadership & critical analysis, along with thoughtful, efficient, insightful and co-operative behavior among the students.

TIES bookings are available from September through June.

Sessions are 60 minutes in length / A teacher's Assessment Rubric is issued per class

Dates, times and lengths of sessions are flexible according to class or group schedules

A supervising teacher must be present at all workshop sessions