Great Big Theatre Company Past Productions

Louis Sachar's Holes - Febuary 2005

at the Playhouse Theatre, Hamilton; the Heritage Theatre, Brampton; and the Renaissance Convention Centre, Mississauga

February 4th - 18th, 2005

with Devon Warren* as Stanley Yelnats IV; Daniel Gordon* as Zero; Jamie Murphy* as X-Ray; Jovell Gooden-McKay* / Oliver Liddycoat* as Armpit; Justin Sterling* as Magnet; Andre Beckford* / Michael Pratas* as Zigzag; Brian Morton as Mr. Sir / Judge; Jeanne Flegg as The Warden / Kate Barlow / Igor Barkov; Charles Small as Mr. Pendanski / Stanley's Father / Myra's Father / Sheriff; Jamie Blair / Sean O'Grady as Elya / Policeman; Jamie Blair / Vince Flegg as Trout Walker / Jesse / Townsperson; Kathryn Van Harten as Madame Zeroni / Sarah Miller / Mrs. Collingwood; Christina Scarciglia as Ms Morengo / Stanley's Mother / Townsperson; Dave Brown / Bruce Butterfield as Sam / Driver / Attorney-General; Catherine George* as Myra / Linda Miller / Stanley Yelnats the First, Tough Kid, Townsperson. Ensemble* : Odain Bailey, O'Shane Bailey, Kaylin Baker-Fields, Alyssa Benson, Chrystyna Boutchma, Marta Boutchma, Dillon Cran, Haley Cran, Taylor Damaren, Anastasia Duma, Marina Josic, Madeleine Kane, Thomas Keegan, Samantha Klinger, Jordan Kolaski, Devon Linkert, Samantha St Aubin, Anna Simeckova, Taylor Steele, Hannah Steeves, Amanda Toniolo, Monica Voica, Lynsay Watson, Christian Wagner.

* denotes students or former students of the GBTC Theatre School

Adapted for the stage by Louis Sachar
Directed by Lily Small

Photos from the production: coming soon !

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