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A. A. Milne's The House at Pooh Corner: March - April 2004

at the Playhouse Theatre, Hamilton ON

March 30th - April 4th, 2004 GBTC - The House at Pooh Corner

with Franco Cortese* as Christopher Robin, Charles Small as Pooh, Mike Feldman as Eeyore, Jodi Smillie* as Kanga, Stephanie Lalli as Owl, Bradley Coffie* as Piglet, Dave Brown as Rabbit, Michael Pratas* as Roo, Jason Gaidola as Tigger, Jessica Watterworth* as Early Rabbit, Zachary Feldman as Late Rabbit, Melissa Bagnoli* and Melissa Shupak* as Unicorns, Alison Cupido*, Leah McKay* and Jillian Page* as Birds, Victoria Horne* as Snake, Tyson McNair* and Billy Shea* as Crocodiles, Jessica McNair* and Kaitlin Sealy* as Rats, and Shauna Miller* and Janelle Roswell* as Monkeys.

* denotes students or former students of the GBTC Theatre School

Adapted for the stage by Bettye Knapp

Directed by Lily Small.


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