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Alan Ayckbourn's The Boy Who Fell Into A Book - November 2004

at the Playhouse Theatre, Hamilton and the Renaissance Convention Centre, Mississauga

November 12th-19th, 2004

GBTC - The Boy Who Fell Into a Bookwith Franco Cortese* / Cody McGratton* as Kevin Carter; Jason Gaidola as Rockfist Slim, Charles Small as White Pawn / Wolf / Grandmother / Ebenezer / Voice of Narrator; Holly Villeneuve as Monique / White Queen / Jennet Clouston / Mummy Woobly; Dave Brown as Voice of Dad / Red Bishop / Rumplestiltskin / Daddy Woobly; Alicia Contestabile as Red Riding Hood / Baby Woobly; Gill Wallace as Brunt / Red Gareth / Headless Monk. Ensemble*: Alena Abramova, Kaylin Baker-Fields, Andre Beckford, Taylor Berzins, Pareesa Bina-Kousari, Jeremy Bisch, Michael Butler, Sydney Carey, Jocelyn Chaparro, Kiara Chaparro, Yolanda Delmonte, Julianna Diller, Kira Dube, Morgan Filicetti, Sheannah Guillemette, Stephanie Halcrow, Sophie I'Anson, Royce Jackson, Khalifa Larrier-John, Horia Lechintan, Emily Marino, Meagan Meade, Justin Naujoks, Stephen Nishida, Santino Randazzo, Konrad Rylo, Jarrod Schroll, Veronica Sider, Emma Stacey, Taylor Steele, Hannah Steeves, Krysta Voradeth, Jeanette Williams.

* denotes students or former students of the GBTC Theatre School

Directed by Lily Small

Photos from the production: coming soon !

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